Think Hunting...Think Africa...Think Touch Africa Safaris!

Your hosts the Collett’s offer you the best of wilderness areas in Zimbabwe with its wide-open spaces where you can become one with the animals that you hunt. We are head quartered in the famed Bubiana Conservancy in the south of the country, which boasts the most beautiful and dramatic scenic beauty in the Sub Saharan Africa.

The vast landscape is littered with huge granite outcrops descriptively referred to in the native tongue as Gomos. The Gomos are home to some of the finest Leopard ever taken and a population density second to none.

The deep valleys are home to large numbers of plains game in their different species from the majestic Kudu, to the nimble Impala. Zebra and Wildebeest are prolific as are Waterbuck and Livingston Eland, Warthog, Bush pig and the stately Giraffe. They all share the habitat with Elephant, Black Rhino and Cape Buffalo.

Our Dangerous game hunts take place in the Bubiana Conservancy as well within the concessions throughout the country including Victoria Falls and the Zambezi Valley. It is the premier dangerous game concession in Southern Africa. 


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Amazing Buffalo Kill Shot

Amazing Cape Buffalo Kill Shot